03-05-03 03:08 EST Ausrick

Hello!  I sincerely apologize for not letting you all know what's been up for over a year now!  Just to let you know, I did not abandon Urvaius.  I know how it may look that way.  I've been working on it, but my production had to take a big scale-back.  I know I should have been filling all of you in.  And also, my email at hotmail got shut down because I didn't check it enough.  You can always reach me here though, at  In other news, this is hopefully my last semester of school and I am getting married this summer, so there will not be a lot of advances on the game.  But I will have more free time than I have had over the last year.  The past three semesters have been my hardest as I have been trying to cram in a lot of difficult courses.  This first half of the spring has been a chore since I had a major 3D studio max project due.  I also do some sweet animations.  They are too big to host on here, but if you send me an E-mail, I'll see what I can do about sending them to you on a CD.  In the Character section I have added a picture of The Gold Knight.  It's the best character drawing I have finished so far so please check it out!  In the Downloads Section, there is another game I made. I made this last semester and it is programmed in VB.  This was my final for class, it is a MRPG, or Math RPG.  It uses some RM2k graphics.  It isn't very high tech but it is addicting.  If you have children even as high as high-school with math problems, this can help them out, Seriously!  It even has a PVP option called the arena.  You can save characters on it and pit your mathematic wits against each other and level up, get cool weapons and magic, go deeper into the dungeon.  All the good stuff an RPG is made of!   Later, I'll try to keep you more informed of changes from now on. . . . __Ausrick

02-28-02 21:07 EST Ausrick

Hey everyone and welcome. well its been a while since I have updated so let me fill you in. . . First off, I have updated the Characters section with another character picture, this one is of Laura. I have also updated the Download Section with the newest version of the game, V00.04.02B. This one is just a minor fix. There probably will not be another update to the download of the actual game for a really long time as I try to actually add to it and get through another chapter. I have also finished the script for the story, but I won't post that because it would be a spoiler, just let me tell you some of the features that will be in the game when it is complete.

In Development now is the "Iron Tower" HQ, The Galleon vehicle/hq, and the Airship vehicle/hq, along with the Iajutsu Duel Subgame/plot feature, and integrating more of Laura's Psionic powers, since they are not necessarily directly combat related. . . When totally completed, this game should have 14 chapters, and I'm planning on the next downloadable installment of it to be V00.06.00B.

Also, I have received very little feedback from all of you out there. please, I really want to know what you think of this game and of this website so that I can improve it, and also encouragement would be nice too. Anyways, enjoy the update and have fun, until next time. . . Later. . . . __Ausrick

01-12-02 15:45 EST Ausrick

Hello, and sorry to all for the lack of updates. It was a much more busy holiday season than I had intended or even expected, so this update is about 2 weeks later than planned, anyways, due to much request from frustrated gamers, I have tweaked Urvaius, and you can download the new version in the Downloads section. In other news, I ditched the counter because it would register a different number depending on how visitors would come into the site, as in, if you typed "www" instead of just "urvaius.blahblah" it would run you on a separate counter, so I just got rid of it. I have also made updates to the Characters section, which in my opinion is the coolest thing on this site except for the ability to download the game of course. I also updated the Skills page and the Item page. Thank you for visiting and please send me some feedback on the game, especially if you download it, just come back here and tell me about it, and if you thought it was too hard or not or how far you were able to make it to, anyways, thanks for stopping by and we'll plan on updated the site again within the next 2 to 3 weeks. Until then, have fun and play video games! . . . __Ausrick

12-04-01 18:07 EST Ausrick

Hello Everyone! This is the first update. I was able to put the game up for download, so check the download section, I have just added a counter and guestbook, and I'm ready to get this site rolling. Finals are in the next 2 weeks at school and I'm really overloaded this semester, so the next update should be after finals unless it is a small tweaking. Anyways, my next steps are going to be to advertise my site, and see what the RPG Gurus at GGZ think about my game, website, rambling opinions, and everything else. If you weren't here to read before this update, then don't feel left out, this site has been , and is at the time of this update publish, on the "Down low" while I've been getting it made and put up here. . . __Ausrick

11-25-01 12:26 EST Ausrick

Hello Everyone! This is the first time I have put a page up for this game that I am creating. So obviously this is the first news update. The game is by no means just beginning. I have been working on it in conjunction with quite a few local friends and constructive criticism for about the last 13 to 14 months now. Urvaius is currently in its official demo version of V00.04.00B. It spans 4 chapters currently and takes approximately 9 to 14 hours to reach the end of the demo. Programming for it is roughly 33% finished. The finished version will have between 12 and 15 chapters and a playtime of between 40 and 65 hours. Right now I am trying to find someplace somewhere that will host the download for this game. The compressed version takes up roughly 8 to 9 megs and most places have file size constraints for uploaded files and web hosted size in general. If anyone has some tips, please let me know, and by the way, I'm looking for free hosting. Since the collapse of xoom and the banner ad industry, many web hosting sites are either charging or cutting back. (which bought out xoom) recently cut me from their services by blocking my uploaded ability and access to my site, then systematically deleting it for what reason I do not know because they have never replied to my E-mails. So as soon as I can find a place to put my game, the download link will come online. Until then, well, I hope you can enjoy learning and reading about this land that I call Urvaius. . . __Ausrick