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This is the page that will link to the possible locations to download Urvaius from. Currently, I have been able to fit it right here, within the website. all in all, I'm really close to maxing out the size of my hosting, but for now everything is ok. I'd really like to get my game hosted on GGZ, but until I really clean this up and get my show on the road, that will have to be looked into for the future. Please, download the game and tell me what you think. . . __Ausrick

Urvaius V0.04.02B Estimated current play time: 9 - 14 hrs.

Size 7.63M (must download RTP Separately)
(must download these fonts to work correctly: Font1, Font2)

Download Locations: HERE

Changes to Current Version:

fixed bugs in blocking events in the pre-chapter. miscellaneous text changes and language corrections...


Download Notes:

The RTP is linked from a site that is not mine.  It is a really nice site though with other games made by other people that you can download.  If this link is ever broken please let me know.  Copy the fonts to your fonts folder, it should be in c:\windows\fonts\ or something similar.  This game was written for PC.  It requires at least a pentium II 233 or higher to run.  I'm not sure if there is a way or not to get it to run on a mac as I don't have access to one to try.  I've heard rumors of PC emulators for macs.  If you are a mac user you may want to look into that.

ORKS:  The Math Role Playing Game V1.01B

Size 1.63M

Download Locations: HERE

Changes to Current Version:

fixed prices of items, potions used to be too expensive to be economically balanced.  Somewhere there is an overflow that happens occasionally with the stats. I don't know if it has to do with integers and operating system differences or what. I have not been able to duplicate it.  My advice is to save often and email me with exactly what happened and what you were doing when it happened if the program crashes.



Past Versions

Urvaius V0.04.01B Estimated current play time: 9 - 14 hrs.

Size 7.63M (must download RTP Separately)

Download Locations: N/A

Changes to Current Version:

Smoothed monster progression, added blocking events in the pre-chapter to prevent players from leaving castle without atleast talking to the smith in order to get and purchase weapons. miscellaneous text changes.