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This is the Items Page. When it is totally completed, it will list most of the unique items that the Characters can get, divided by type. There are currently over 350 items in the game of Urvaius! I will list the names, power, price, any miscellaneous effects and descriptions plus any type specific data. I won't make this a spoiler so all information about every item will not be given. some will be listed as mysterious artifacts, especially set items. . . . . . __Ausrick

Two-Handed Swords

(type: Weapons, Characteristics: require both hands, Total # in game: 28)
Name: Power: Price: Misc. Effects: Element Description:
ZweiHander 25 450 N/A N/A A large sword which must be swung with both hands
Claymore 35 645 N/A N/A A large sword from Scottland
Estoc 45 1200 N/A N/A A large sword for thrusting
Flamberge 55 1800 N/A N/A A sword designed for use against mounted knights
Giant Sword 65 2800 N/A N/A A very large, broad bladed Sword
Great Sword 75 3200 N/A N/A A fine, Elegant, Two Handed Sword
Tusk Sword 85 4600 Blind: 5% N/A A large sword made of ivory
Lightning Sword 95 6200 Blind, Mindblow: 5% Thunder A large Sword with a Topaz gem in the handle
DiaKatana ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Two handed swords are large weapons, normally used by heavy infantry vrs mounted Cavalry. Several knights have been known throughout history to specialize in such distructive weapons. Historically speaking, the Two-Handed sword was developed in the Renaissance to deal with pikemen and dismounted knights. It often stood well over six feet tall, It's long, heavy blade was designed to easily penetrate heavy armors using it's heft and gravity as its advantage. ...but as said earlier, some varients, like the Flamberge, were used particulary well against mounted opponents.


Special Items

(type: These items have very specific uses in Urvaius and are very unique.)
Name: Price: Effects: Description:
Alicia's Tears N/A upon use, allow's Faramir to talk with his mother Alicia. She often has interesting tips and hints for whatever area the party has adventured into A Magical Crystal of unknown Power
Enemy Disguise N/A upon use, the party appears as Dark Army soldiers, therefore being able to sneak into certain locations undetected. Look like an enemy Guard.
Princely Attire N/A upon use, the party dresses back into their normal wardrobe, thus taking off the Enemy Disguise. This is Faramir's standard Outfit
Golden Gevera Block N/A One of six Golden Blocks with special alchemical powers . . .
Golden Urborg Block N/A One of six Golden Blocks with special alchemical powers . . .
Shard of Aquarius N/A Only the Ancients, the Valheru, know how to unleash the power of these artifacts One of the Twelve Zodiac Shards
Kinoshka Root N/A This is a key ingredient to curing certain rare poisons used by assassins. The root of a rare plant with medicinal properties
Mallus of Malice N/A Use this item to destroy boulders if they are blocking mountain passes The mythic Hammer of Hate, can destroy some rocks
Sphere of Earth N/A One of four elemental speres, inherently linked to 3 each of the 12 Zodiac shards. A ball containing Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo
10,000$p Bank Note 10,000 This item is a check, you buy it from a Banker, and you can sell it for face value at almost any shop in urvaius. A bankdraft check accepted in most shops
Rusted Hilt N/A if you can find all 6 peices, there is probably some secret that they will unlock. A rusted piece of a sword, there are 6 total
etc. etc. etc. etc.

These items are mainly artifacts, though not all necessary to complete the game, all are unique and have special functions and ways to go about finding them and using them. Many unlock secrets, and many give you aid, all are important and special in and of their own right.