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This is the Story Page. Its basic purpose is to fill you in to what Urvaius is about, and some of the things in the world of Urvaius that maybe different from other fantasy worlds. . . __Ausrick

Story, Introduction

In Urvaius, on the continent of Wöcheslände, is the Kingdom of The Iron Hills. The king of the Iron Hills, King Edward, lives with his wife Alicia in Castle Iron Spire. From there they and their family rule over the Iron Hills. One day several months ago, you, Prince Faramir, Edward's eldest son, awoke to the sound of war trumpets, yelling, and siege engines as an army had mysteriously arrived, seemingly overnight, at your front doorsteps. From then until now your kingdom has been under siege. and you have been watching your castle crumble, your citizens die, and your people starve. All your scouts have been able to find out is that this army calls itself the "Dark Army" and its general is known as "The Dark One." As it looks as though you will never get to see kingship, or, if you do, there won't be a kingdom left to rule, as the Dark Army is closing in and your troops cannot repel them much longer, a glimmer of hope shines through. Your father has a plan that is crazy enough it just might work. All you know is that it involves you and your friends, and you may have to go to your younger brother Ausrick for help. But your brother, Ausrick, left home on very ill words with your father. He was angry that you would become king and not him, so he left to make his own name elsewhere. Word has come back that he is now known as King Ausrick the Usurper, who masterminded the military coup of the kingdom of Garn to the east. Why would your brother help you? How would you ask him? Also your other brother, the middle one, Erdrick, is a general in your father's Northern Army. Word from his unit has not come back for months. How will you save your family and your kingdom? Well, the guard is telling you as you wait on the ramparts, pondering your destiny, that your father has summoned you to his chamber to relay a plan of great urgency. It looks like it is just beginning, Hopefully you will get the chance to do both. . .

Races: Valheru

In Urvaius, the Valheru are a fabled "Ancient Race" that possessed much learning and mystery. As legend has it, the Dwarves and the Elves are the current day descendants of this race, whom was rumored to of been very powerful and warlike, yet very artistic and able to craft exquisite wares. The Dwarves inherited some traits, and the Elves, others. Legend says that when the Valheru became too prideful and rose up, then Solus' wrath burned against them and HE humbled them by exiling them to the heavens, and Urvaius was theirs no more. If you ever find an Item crafted by the Valheru, It is probably the most powerful of its type and the only one in Urvaius.


This rant is dated 12-01-01.  As it turns out, the Lord of the rings movies have blown me away thus far.  So I am very glad and do not have to threaten anyone with bodily harm.

The Valheru:  Some of you may recognize this name as the name for an ancient race of elven-folk from Raymond E. Feist's fantasy books. He also developed the story for the pc game "Betrayal at Krondor". By the way, not to rant, but this was a very interesting concept to the making of an RPG, Have a Fantasy author work with the Software studio, and end up with a video game that has good plot. Here we had this turn out very well. I was well pleased with all of the games that he worked with, as I am pleased with his books. 

When it comes to RPG's, D&D, Movies and Entertainment, I've been fairly unpleased lately. The utterly horrid acting, Mortal-Kombat-the-movie quality special effects, and basic lack of a real story line in the D&D movie has me severely irked. along with the total waste of potential that I witnessed in Final Fantasy, the motion picture. UGH! First to address D&D. They made it too broad, they were rushed (studio's fault, they had their deadline cut down by the greater part of a year), and apparently no story. If they would of made it a "Forgotten Realms" story, using hero's from there, or another story from another series of books, it would have been fine. but they didn't have a focus. D&D is really wide in scope. It would be like if someone made "Marvel, the Movie." Not X-Men, Not Superman, Not Batman, and not G.I.Joe, but the entire Marvel Universe. In it's vastness it would lose focus and become very mediocre. On top of that, if you take something that has always been based on story, then you'd better come up with something better then a mediocre, re-hashed, cliché riddled plot. I mean, There are hundreds if not thousands of D&D novels that have been written, they could have easily of taken one of their already existing stories and it would have been better than the story they used for the movie. Whenever laziness is better than diligence and originality, that means that whoever is being diligent and original must really stink. That is basically my beef with the FF movie. Graphics bells and whistles like the world has never seen before. . . But the story was extremely average. If I can name off another movie that summer that had a better story, and I can without even thinking, then it falls flat. Come on! Final Fantasy! All stinking 9 of them plus Tactics are known for their awesome storylines. and so they make a movie for primary release in the U.S.A. and it's plot is about Gaia. There's never been an FF about gaia before. I went to see FF the Movie. not "Illusion of Gaia" the movie. and again. they could of straight ripped FF7 or 8 and it would have been one of the most brilliant movies of all time. The only things FF about it also were the name, there was a Cid, and I believe two of the guys were named Biggs and Wedge. There were know lancers or dragoons, and I'll be danged there wasn't a Chocobo! These are all so integral to modern FF. And the fantasy wasn't there at all. and I'm not talking that because it was futuristic that I didn't like it. No, Final Fantasy games have always had this element of a realm of Disbelief, where strange futuristic machinery meets some sort of less civilized but artsy archaic-ness. from FF7's mako reactors and airships, weapons, and big guns to The city that Cid rules in FF9 and that large gate the airships have to travel through. . . All the way back to FF2 (4 for all of you people who can't let things be Americanized without feeling it has somehow been degraded in value, rip on how bad the American version of DBZ is, and refuse to watch dubbed anime) with the Tower of Bab-il and the big whale. they could of done something special with it, rather than just a basic, very B rate plot of save the world, a girl has dreams so she's the one kind of thing with a whole overriding theme of "lets teach eastern religion" that exuded through the whole movie to the point that it was hard to look through it to see if there was anything else of meaning to be gleaned from it. I'd rate the story for FF the movie to be about equal to that one Stephen Segal movie where he's a Native American in Alaska and goes and blows up that oil rig in the sea. I didn't go into these movies with any expectations other than to see a movie with a story so deep, impactful, thoughtful, insightful, and with plot twists, that I'd leave going "dang! that was a really brilliant story", However I left with "It looks like they said, hey, lets make a movie of something that people like, that way we'll make money". . . Honestly, I thought "Swordfish" was a far superior movie when it came to thoughtfulness and story. I liked it by the way. but at least it met my minimum movie standard, I was surprised at the ending. . . and I'm most depressed about how they say it is unlikely that they'll ever make a FF movie again since they can't figure out why America likes their games but not their movie and they lost so much money. All I know is that if "The Fellowship of the Rings" falls short, I will officially lose all hope of people being able to make a movie based on something brilliant without butchering it horribly. I could slaughter a cow with a glue stick and fingernail clippers and it wouldn't be as ugly as what people have done when they try to make a movie follow in the name of some of the most beautiful works of storycrafting known to man... . . .

Back to the Valheru though. I have decided to put them into my game, not in an attempt to violate copyrights, but in order to bring someone's brilliant idea for a race of creatures into another rpg, and thus illuminate their creation to even farther reaches of the fantasy rpg universe. If I had hobbits in my game (which I might, you'll just have to find out :P), then i'd really be doing the same thing, and it doesn't make me any less creative. If you want to argue that I'm not creative, attack my use of freely downloadable character and chip sets, but not my borrowing of creatures of literary genius. what about the first orc? or the first elf? authors and game designers apply these races daily to their work and are not considered to lack creativity.